Queensland is blessed with a long slice of gorgeous coastline — and with that, comes a variety of succulent seafood. If you’re headed for Bundaberg’s sun-soaked beaches, we recommend savouring the following local seafood. We can guarantee you won’t regret it!

#1 Oysters

Oysters are a bonafide Australian delicacy. For a unique taste of Australia, we recommend the local oysters from Grunske’s by the River.

Alternatively, try out our delicious and creamy Pacific oysters, unearthed from the pristine waters of South Australia’s Coffin Bay or Tasmania’s east coast.

Flavour: Pacific Oysters are fresh, creamy and sweet in flavour. The meat is lustrous, plump and moist with a clean, salty scent.

Best ways to try Pacific oysters: We love them au naturale or drowned in a tasty kilpatrick sauce and topped with juicy diced bacon. Looking for something a little more luxe? How about topped with smoked salmon, crème fraîche and Huon salmon caviar?

#2 Scallops

A prized shellfish that has won our hearts, scallops are delicious molluscs with a sweet, delicate meat that is firm in texture. Hervey Bay scallops are particularly popular in north Queensland.

Scallops consist of two parts – a larger white muscle and a smaller orange roe, both of which can (and should!) be eaten. We heartily recommend trying our local Hervey Bay scallops on your next trip to Bargara.

Flavour: Hervey Bay scallops are renowned for their sweet, buttery taste and delicate texture.

Best ways to try scallops: Enjoy them as the star ingredient of fettuccine marinara with your choice of tomato provencale sauce or garlic cream sauce. Otherwise, they’re amazing with chicken or in a mild and creamy vindaloo curry, or sauteed with caramelised chilli and ginger.

#3 Calamari

Australians can’t get enough of squid. What’s not to love about this classic seafood dish: tender loops of squid with a crunchy breadcrumb texture? If you’re looking for a comforting seafood dish in Bundaberg, this one will tick all the right boxes.

Flavour: Calamari has a mild, slightly sweet, almost nutty flavor. The crisp, flaky crumbing offers a perfect complement to the firm yet tender white meat inside.

Best ways to try calamari: Imagine tender, buttery calamari meat encrusted with African spices and dried herbs. Calamari are also excellent in a mint, coriander and chilli salad alongside salad greens and spicy nuoc cham dressing.

#4 Barramundi

At Kacy’s, we are besotted with barramundi – especially our Barramundi Goujons, caught wild in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Flavour: Barramundi has a sweet buttery flavour with a firm, moist texture and large flakes.

Best ways to try barramundi: Barramundi shines on its own, dusted in flour, grilled and basted in butter and cooked in its own juices. However, it’s also fantastic in a light and crunchy beer batter, or topped with fresh pesto, grated Parmesan and tomato basil sauce.

#5 Moreton Bay bugs

A delicious crustacean native to Queensland, Moreton Bay bugs are not actually bugs. They are a kind of Bay lobster that offer a unique flavour.

Flavour: The meat of bugs, found only in the tail, is exquisite – tender, moist and delicately evoking the taste of the sea.

Best ways to try Moreton Bay bugs: Moreton Bay bugs are mouth-watering when lightly grilled, and drowned in a delicious tomato chilli sambal or brandy butter sauce. They are also amazing in a pasta with a creamy garlic and white wine sauce, topped with parmesan.

#6 King prawns

King prawns are Australia’s favourite style of prawn, found throughout most of Queensland. Here at Kacy’s, we serve delicious Hervey Bay ocean king prawns.

Flavour: King Prawns have a rich flavour with moist, firm flesh.

Best ways to try king prawns: King prawns, of course, are a delightful feast all by themselves. But they’re also magical when paired with a garlicky pasta.

Ready to feast on some of Australia’s finest seafood? Drop into the Kacy’s Restaurant and Wine Bar to try out our delicious seafood dishes. Contact us on (07) 4130 1100!